One Stop Wellness

Why Corporate Wellness

All companies want happy, healthy employees. And offering programs that caters to the employees' motivations will increase productivity, engagement, and morale.

"Poor Employee Health Results In"

One Stop Wellness

Lost Revenue

Employers are losing $1900-$2,250 per employee per year due to missed days

One Stop Wellness

Decreased Productivity

45 million avoidable sick days are used each year

One Stop Wellness

Strain from Chronic Conditions

7 of the Top 10 leading causes of death in 2010 was from chronic diseaes

One Stop Wellness

Workplace Wellness Programs Can Increase:

  • Employee Morale
  • Employee Retention
  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Health

Why should you hire One Stop Wellness?

We offer various levels of wellness programming that will make an impact at your company, no matter its size. And since we do not outsource our services to other firms, we are able to maintain quality and control better than our competitors. With this kind of control, we are able to customize programs according to the unique needs of your company.

We Take Pride in Transparency

We Are Not

  • A disease management company in stealth-mode
  • A health plan trying to dabble into the wellness industry
  • A contractor who’s going to outsource all of your work

We Are

  • People who are passionate about fitness, having fun, and improving your company’s health & culture!

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