We Deliver Results Because...


Our innovative technology and individual customization inspires employees to get excited about wellness.

One Stop provides 1-on-1 interactions between employees and our professionals.

We implement programs with/for employees, rather than to them and will focus on promoting well-being and avoiding bad health outcomes.

We will help you demonstrate a value of investment (VOI) from your health & wellness initiatives using our process:

We Understand Millennials

Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce by 2020 and many employers lack the ability to communicate and engage with them. Our programs are designed by millennial engagement experts to cater specifically to this generation. Millennials want to work for companies who invest in their well-being and personal development. We will implement the best practices to ensure that you will attract and retain these diverse, tech savvy, and highly educated employees.

One Stop Wellness
One Stop Wellness

We provide real change and real results

When implemented effectively, wellness programs bring many benefits over time, such as:

We have the most qualified professionals in the industry

We partner with an accessible network of hand-picked wellness, finance, lifestyle & management professionals. They are highly-educated, certified, and will work to provide your workforce with a transformational experience. Our professionals all undergo a rigorous application and interview process.

One Stop Wellness
One Stop Wellness

We make wellness simple, fun & flexible

Nobody wants to feel left out! That’s why our simple, flexible delivery method gives your company plenty of options for crafting unique events at multiple times of the day, so that everyone can participate and have fun. Plus, our online programs make serving remote employees easy and affordable!

Engagement like never before!

We engage your organization to a point where employees are motivated to make wellness an integrated part of life. Because of this, you’ll see a decrease in employee absenteeism and increases in productivity, safety, and focus. Plus, they’ll become better moms and dads, improved contributors to their communities, and help drive enhanced outcomes for your bottom line.

One Stop Wellness

Founder who cares!

When you're dealing with One Stop, you're dealing with the founder & CEO, Romy Antoine, who is involved in every aspect of the business on a daily basis. Not only does he run the company, but he also is the embodiment of wellness - personal trainer, nutritionist, health coach, speaker, author, brand ambassador and scientist. He's not your typical HR professional who's been certified to implement corporate wellness. He actively educates and transforms the lives of clients around the world EVERY SINGLE DAY!

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