Bad Health = Bad Business

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8 in 10 American workers are stressed out by their jobs

One Stop Wellness


Obese or overweight full-time workers with chronic conditions cost businesses $153 billion per year

One Stop Wellness


53% of Millennials say a healthy work-life balance would make them stay at their job

The One Stop Difference

One Stop Wellness has customized solutions that go far beyond health and wellness – fusing the best practices from a variety of industries including education, management, psychology, and art! By doing this, we can create the perfect programs for your organization – programs that will get your employees engaged, moving, and having fun! Rather than being like everyone else, we offer services that cover all 8 dimensions of wellness.

One Stop Wellness

What We Do

We will implement your company’s vision from start to finish. Our employees go above and beyond your expectations because our work is personal and it’s an expression of who we are. Your wellness is our business and we want to make a difference, positively impacting lives. Our goal is to Engage, Educate, and Energize your employees so that they can live a life full of Excitement.

One Stop Wellness


In order to boost employee engagement, a performance improvement program must tap into the worker's main emotions and motivation.

One Stop Wellness


People don't just need an exercise program or a diet plan. They need an expert who can guide, educate and empower them. They need someone who can connect with them in a way that makes them believe they have the ability to learn new things and make meaningful, lasting changes.

One Stop Wellness


Be more active and productive at work while also having the energy to spend with family to live more balanced and purposeful lives.


When you start a new program with OneStop, our team becomes an extension of your team. We will share our best practices, what has worked for other clients, and what hasn't, and monitor your program with the closest attention to detail to promise that you're getting the full value of your investment.

Your Company & One Stop Wellness

Your company will be known for its performance improvement program, demonstrate a commitment to each employee, and attract the best talent on the market! Deadlines will be met, pounds will drop, relationships will improve, and healthcare premiums will be at an all-time low!

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