Meet Romy Antoine
Founder of One Stop Wellness

His passion to help people live healthy & fulfilling lives was triggered by a dark time in his life where he was running a business, working full-time as a scientist, and taking care of his mother who was battling an aggressive cancer – stressful combination! During this time, he was hardly eating, not training, and barely sleeping; this was taking a terrible toll on his body. As someone who all his life had a lean, athletic physique – Romy began to not recognize the person looking back at him in the mirror. He knew he had to take action and not let his circumstances take control.

"Days before her passing, his mother told him that he had to take care of himself because if he wasn’t healthy he won’t be around to help anyone else. It was like a bright light flashed and revealed just how close to the edge he’d stumbled."

He took her words to heart and regained control of his life and has never looked back since! This not only helped him get back on track and live out his passion, but also make an impact in the lives of as many people as possible. He traveled the country to learn from the most influential people in the fitness industry as well as working with many mentors and business coaches to perfect his craft.

Romy’s scientific & psychological approach makes him stand out in such a saturated industry. He has a degree in Biology & Exercise science and in addition to this, Romy holds multiple accredited personal training and nutrition certifications as well as a Corporate Wellness Specialist Certification from the Corporate Health & Wellness Association, making him one of the most versatile, engaging, and empathetic human performance improvement leaders in his field.

He is also a Fitfluential Ambassador, which is a professional network of the most credible and influential people in the fitness industry.

In addition to his experience, Romy serves as a Health Educator and Workplace Health Committee member for the American Heart Association’s San Antonio chapter, allowing him to be involved with the community, while contributing to workplace wellness initiatives to build healthier and happier organizations.

Romy wants to make fitness fun and empowering for everyone while giving them the tools and knowledge to achieve what they never believed was possible and take full control of their health.

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