"One Stop Wellness makes work fun again!"

One Stop Wellness is a comprehensive wellness company that empowers employees to improve their lifestyles, productivity and overall well-being. We offer customized programs to drive employee engagement, health and performance through recognition and meaningful interactions.

Wellness is much more than a number on a scale or a discounted gym membership. Through our scientific & holistic approach, we target 8 areas of wellness: emotional, physical, environmental, financial, spiritual, intellectual, occupational, and social to engage, educate, and energize employees in a brand new way.

And by offering a variety of customized programs with easy implementation, the One Stop Wellness solution can fit any company- regardless of size or culture.

Once upon a time...

Our story began in 2014, when Romy Antoine identified unmet & under-served needs in workplace health, engagement, and performance, and wanted to create an innovative solution to the problem.

Our founder, Romy was working as a fitness coach & nutritionist with clients all over the world. It was not until he was hired by a pharmaceutical sales consultant, that he discovered what corporate wellness was.

In their initial conversation, Romy learned that she gained over 20lbs in the first 6 months at her job, was extremely stressed, and had no energy to do anything outside of work. She told him that she was losing control and her job was making her depressed! After 3 months of working with Romy, she was able to get her life back on track, shed the pounds, and feel more excited about life (and work)!

Her company was full of employees with similar problems, who needed help with work-life integration. Romy was asked to do a presentation for her organization, and the rest was history! Romy soon started doing presentations at many companies and was receiving positive feedback. He realized he had the potential to make work fun again. He wanted to be known as The Corporate Health Coach.

He then traveled the country to learn the best practices in corporate wellness, attend conferences, and host workshops. He soon became a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist. Upon countless hours of research & practical application, networking and interviewing industry professionals, One Stop Wellness was born.

Since then, Romy has grown the company and built a network professionals from a variety of industries including psychology, finance, and management. He continues to support employee engagement by speaking to employees, business leaders, and human resources professionals at some of the leading industry conferences and events.

The goal of One Stop Wellness is to bring excitement back to the workplace and keep employees more engaged, happier, and healthier than ever before!

To happiness & healthiness!

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